Qatar invests in the Spanish energy sector

Qatar invests in the Spanish energy sector

The Iberdola Innovation Center, which specializes in developing infrastructure projects for the smart digital network, for which the Qatar Investment Authority is a major contributor, is preparing to launch a 400 MW solar power plant in the Valencia region; to supply Castilla and Leon cities in northern Spain, in addition to supporting more other investments related to smart grids and sustainable mobility, as well as a project of waste recover and recycle, according to the Spanish site “energias-renovables“.

The report revealed that the value of investment in the solar power plant project in the province of Valencia will amount to about 300 million euros, and it will also offer nearly 4000 jobs for individuals who are able to work in this sector.

The project will enable Spain to produce electricity at the lowest possible costs while reducing the amount of carbon emissions resulting from old methods of generating electricity from coal.

The report stressed that the great experience enjoyed by the Iberdola Center in this sector, in addition to the seriousness with which its shareholders deal in such projects, without a doubt, will contribute to delivering the project on time, which is expected to be announced in the near future.

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