Publicity of 2018 Nuclear Laws of Export and Import

Publicity of 2018 Nuclear Laws of Export and Import

On December 17, a Publicity Meeting entitled as “2018 Nuclear Import and Export Laws and Regulations” was held in Beijing. Zhang Jianhua, deputy director of State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense(SASTIND)and China Atomic Energy Authority(CAEA )mastered this conference.

Zhang Jianhua emphasized the importance of nuclear import and export management in safeguarding national security and protecting the interests of enterprises. He analyzed the progress, the situation and challenges of China’s nuclear import and export management, and put forward specific requirements to further strengthen and standardize nuclear import and export administration.

At the publicity meeting, relevant experts introduced the international non-proliferation situation, nuclear and nuclear dual-use export control, government commitment, nuclear safety and security and other management requirements. Relevant enterprises exchanged views on nuclear import and export based on their real experience and practices in international trades.

About 150 people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, and relevant units attended the publicity meeting.


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