Product obtained from boron mine absorbs radiation

Product obtained from boron mine absorbs radiation


  • Release Date: July 21, 2017

A substance obtained through purification of the boron mine is applied as insulation material against radiation in Turkey where 72% of the world boron reserves are located.

A Turkish engineering firm named “Radkosis” succeeded stopping the neutron rays through researches on  Sodium Pentaborate produced from the purification of boron mine. The R & D company based in Balikesir, which registered this invention to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Agency, has already started to apply the substance to the radiotherapy rooms in the hospitals.

Başaran Paşaalioğlu, the company partner explained that this product will be used for the protection of nuclear power plants and in nuclear medicine departments of hospitals. For example, the radiotherapy treatment room is normally surrounded by concrete walls of 2.5 meters thickness however by this product wall thickness could increase to 20 centimeters, and its 8 tons doors, to 500 kilograms. Explaining that the product containing Sodium Pentaborate doesn’t reflect but absorb radiation, Mr Paşalioğlu said that it can prevent any leakage by converting the current curtain walls of 6 meters in nuclear power plants to “shield” walls of 60 centimeters, or even 40 centimeters.

At the same time, Radkosis works on the purification of barite in order to stop gamma rays and they have succeeded it up to 90%.

Faruk Durukan, owner of the R & D company, said that they will set their boron processing factories in a year and be the first in the world.

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