Privatization of the uranium mines in Brazil

Privatization of the uranium mines in Brazil

Brazil has the 8th largest uranium reserve in the world, ranking 16th in terms of ore production and 24th in terms of consumption. That is, there is enormous potential for uranium mines privatization in Brazil.

The Federal Constitution of 1988 maintained, in its art. 21, XXIII and in art. 177, the Union’s monopoly over the entire uranium chain, from mining to electricity generation. Only eleven countries know to enrich the ore. Brazil is one of them, holds the domain of technology and the nuclear fuel cycle.

In January, Bento Albuquerque, the new Minister of Mines and Energy, stated that the new government intended to establish a dialogue with the market about uranium mines privatization in the Brazilian energy matrix.

On April 11, Albuquerque indicated that the government is studying ways to liberate uranium mining for private initiative, without the need for changes in the Federal Constitution.

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