Poland will host COP24

Poland will host COP24

Katowice, European capital of coal, will host the COP24, next December. 82% of electricity in Poland is produced by this fossil fuel. Last June, the Polish president Andrzej Duda, took a small step in favor of climate by signing an amendment to the law of renewable energy sources to help the country meet the objectives of alternative sources of the European Union, by 2020 .

This is a gesture towards the COP24 or a reaction to the phasing out of subsidies from the European Union for capacity mechanisms, those remunerations that Member States grant to electricity operators and other providers to make them available in case of need, in order to guarantee the supply.

“There are several reasons, one of them is the rise in the price of emission rights, but also the evolution of renewable energies in the Polish energy package,” Deividas Varabauskas, director of Sun Investment Group (SIG), a specialized company, declared recently to the press.

SIG has recently opened the first of its 43 Polish solar power plants in Gralewo. Once completed, the Polish solar energy portfolio of SIG will represent 15% of the total Polish solar energy market and will provide around 45.1 GWh per year to the Polish national grid

By 2030, Poland has the obligation to reduce its electric power from coal to 60%. Given the cost of modernizing its power plants, this country plans to compensate with the construction of a nuclear power station, by 2029.

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