Pichetto wants a referendum for the nuclear power plant

Pichetto wants a referendum for the nuclear power plant

The senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto wants Sierra Grande, his city, to be the headquarters of the power plant that the Province rejected. Pichetto wants a referendum for the nuclear power plant

An investment of 8,Billion US dollars and the demand for labor intensive are the pillars behind the construction of a nuclear power plant in Río Negro. Governor Alberto Weretilneck had considered that it was an historic opportunity for the province, but he took into account the defeat of his political party at the recent elections as a sign of rejection for this project.


However, those who support the installation of the plant are not resigned and will seek to distort the will of the government through a popular consultation in Sierra Grande. This was stated by the national senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto, former mayor of the city. The president of the Justicialist Party ( Partido Justicialista) in the Senate said that because of its mining tradition, the city is in favor of the power station. And he acknowledged that he already contacted the national government to reinvigorate the initiative.


“It is the most important investment in the province since its creation in 1958,” said Pichetto. And that is why he anticipated that he will fight so the country can carry out the original project.


Nuclear activity is banned in the province after the rejection of the plant that Chinese would build, a law banning this type of plants was sanctioned. In addition to seeking popular consensus, the promoters of the agreement should succeed in modifying that law. The spearhead of the claim is the current mayor of Sierra Grande, Nelson Iribarren, who anticipated that he will raise the unconstitutionality of the law.

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