Peak of Chinese nuclear spent fuel storage in less than 14 years

Peak of Chinese nuclear spent fuel storage in less than 14 years

The Chinese authorities have been very slow to draft a nuclear energy law. Since the last ten years, the National Nuclear Safety Authority and the China Atomic Energy Authority explain that China will soon promulgate the law.

Nothing has been done.

But the recent protests against the nuclear fuel recycling plant in Lianyungang changed the state of lethargy from the Chinese bureaucracy. China needs to double the number of nuclear power plants to 110 by 2030, and by that time it will reach the peak of spent fuel storage. The country will not have any more capacity to store new stocks.

The draft is now a requisite, since the government takes the public concerns into serious account, the nuclear safety act will be promulgated at the end of 2016.

The nuclear security Act has been drafted in the form of legislation through procedural system to ensure that the public’s right to know the major nuclear projects.

The Minister of Environment, Chen Jining believes that it would put China as the same standard as other nuclear nations and promote nuclear safety culture.

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