Opportunities of nuclear projects for the Russians in Saudi Arabia

Opportunities of nuclear projects for the Russians in Saudi Arabia

There are huge commercial opportunities in Saudi Arabia, especially with regards to nuclear energy. This was confirmed by a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Al Sharqya, Saadoun bin Khaled Al-Khaledi, which called on Russian investors to seize investment opportunities in this field.

This came during the meeting organized by the Chamber of Al Sharqya with Russia’s state-owned Rosatom, the specialized in nuclear energy. Al-Khaledi also said that the meeting helps officials of the Russian company to identify their partners in the implementation of nuclear power projects in the Kingdom, which aims to generate at least 17.6 gigawatts of nuclear energy by 2032; to meet the increasing demand for electricity.

He also pointed out that the Kingdom is expected to achieve at least 15% of the total electric power of nuclear energy, noting that the vision of the Kingdom 2030 set the direction of the Kingdom in this area; as it expressed the interest in the production of electricity from nuclear energy, which opens the participation of companies in investment in this promising sector.

For his part, Rosatom Middle East and North Africa CEO Alexander Voronkov reviewed the latest technology offered by the company with the highest standards of safety and security in the construction of nuclear reactors, as well as its implementation of several NPP units projects worldwide. It also manufactures equipment and produces isotopes for drugs which is based on nuclear energy and carries out research and material studies in these fields.

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