Opportunities in China’s Hainan Province

Opportunities in China’s Hainan Province

On November 18th, at Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone, 129 projects covering different areas was officially launched and signed, among which includes Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Phase II Project.

Changjiang Phase II Project, located in Tangxing Village of Hainan Province, plans to build two million kilowatt-scale PWR featuring “Hualong No.1” (integrated version) technical solution. The site of Phase II Units 3&4 are not far away from that of Units 1&2.

Changjiang County Government set up parallel sessions on the site of the nuclear power project and held signing ceremonies for various projects involving clean energy, high-efficiency agriculture, global tourism, medical care, education, and environmental sanitation and so on. Many project owners, construction companies, supervision agencies and representatives of the China Nuclear 22nd Changjiang Project Department attend the sessions and show great interest.

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