OKBM strategic localization in India

OKBM strategic localization in India

Russia and India are investing in three major projects. The construction of the six units in Kudankulam and the extension in the site, the investment and creation of a joint supply chain in Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh, and the participation to the localization of heavy equipment for the heavy water reactors.

Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited HEC has entered into an agreement with Russia’s company OKBM to manufacture equipment for nuclear power plant. The agreement was signed in Moscow on behalf of Shri Rana Subhasis Chakravarty, Director of Marketing.

Joint Stock Company “Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering” is a leading company in the field of nuclear power. The enterprise is the complete supplier of equipment for BN-800 reactor plants, reactor plants for the Navy ships and the first floating NPP. The company has more than 60 years’ experience in designing and high scientific engineering field.

HEC will make the equipment in areas such as defence and nuclear energy while broadening its traditional trade of steel and mining sector. This will increase HEC business. The Indian government wants to install ten 700 MW nuclear power plants in the country. The role of HEC in this will be crucial.

Within the scope of the current agreement, the Russian company will work with HEC for the technology of four major equipment such as steam generator, calandria, reactor end shields and reactor inlet and outlet headers.

The total revenue of these equipment for the 10 nuclear reactors will be around 20,000 crores ( 3 Billion USD) .

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