Offshore floating nuclear listed in the “13th Five-year Plan”

Offshore floating nuclear listed in the “13th Five-year Plan”

The offshore floating platform, also named as the “marine nuclear power plant” plays an important role in the gas/oil resource exploitation and the development of the surface ship nuclear power technology. Mr. Wang Yiren, the deputy director of the China Atomic Energy Authority(CAEA) revealed that China has listed the “Marine Nuclear Power Plant” into the “13th Five-year Plan” as well as the Nuclear Development Program. Currently it has launched the related standard study and started to tackle the problems in the key technologies.

Mr. Wang said that, China will become a powerful country in the marine field and will pay much attention on the exploitation of the sea resources. At present, the residents in south sea island mainly rely on the diesel generator. But in future, the large size ships will have great demand of the nuclear power. The floating nuclear power platform could witness a broad prospective.

After several rounds of verification and study organized by CAEA, it has decided to adopt the proven technology with the modified solutions adapted to Chinese reality. He introduced that the prospective solution will take the small reactor for the land nuclear project as the sample and then apply the upgraded version in the marine projects.

Now China has offered the scientific research funds for the special projects and already started the work to tackle the problems and difficulties in the nuclear safety technology and the key equipment design as well as the maintenance and operation technology. Aligning with the independent R&D, China also has negotiated with Russia to accelerate the pace. It is expected to be applied in the offshore oil/gas exploitation business first after the platform is established.

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