Obsolete Nuclear Power Plant in China

Obsolete Nuclear Power Plant in China


  • Release Date: June 13, 2017

From June 6-9th, IAEA held a two-day meeting in Shanghai around the topic- “the management technology of the obsolete nuclear power plant, spare parts and alternatives”. Many nuclear power plants owners from CNNC, CGN and SNPTC, and the EPC companies as well as the design institutes participated in the meeting.


Representatives from Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Germany, Pakistan, Romania, Sweden and USA attended the meeting and shared their experience in the obsolescence management, spare parts list control and replacement.


The director of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Mr. Zheng Mingguang met with the delegates from IAEA and had a deep exchange in the technical and project cooperation.


During the meeting period, the experts had a tour to Shanghai Electric Company (SEC) and the test base of the Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute, a subsidiary of State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC).

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