Nuclear technology in Cochabamba

Nuclear technology in Cochabamba

Dozens of professionals, groups of students from public and private universities, as well as high school graduates arrived from the municipalities of Cercado , Quillacollo , Punata , Sacaba, Tiquipaya, among other sectors to Cochabamba to participate in the workshop on ‘Nuclear Technology in Bolivia ‘, organized by The Bolivian Agency for Nuclear Energy (ABEN), in the city of Cochabamba .

The Director of Applications of Nuclear Technology of ABEN, “Luis Caceres”, spoke about the Center for Research and Development in Nuclear. He said that the Center will have a Preclinical Radiopharmaceutical Cyclotron Complex for the health area, a Multipurpose Irradiation Plant for the agroindustry and a Research Reactor for the training and education of Bolivian scientists. Caceres talked also about the benefits of the center in nuclear Technology as well as improving the quality of life of Bolivian families.

He added that there will be greater accessibility to health services with the implementation of the Network of Nuclear Medicine Centers in La Paz , El Alto and Santa Cruz to provide diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart and neurological diseases.

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