China, South Korea and Japan nuclear safety future

China, South Korea and Japan nuclear safety future


  • Release Date: December 07, 2016

On Nov.29-30, the 9th Nuclear Safety Regulatory Senior Officials Meeting—the 4th SOM workshop was inaugurated in Beijing. Mr. Liu Hua, chief engineer of the nuclear safety and at the same time the deputy director at the NNSA (China Ministry of the Environment Protection), was present at the meeting. The other participants include the Japanese and Korean delegation respectively led by the secretary-general of Japan Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission and the secretary general of Korea Nuclear Safety and Security Commission. Besides, the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat of China, Republic of Korea (South Korea) and Japan attend the meeting as well as the observer.


Mr. Liu Hua expressed during the meeting that there is no boundary limit for the nuclear safety and security. This Communication Mechanism on the nuclear regulatory policy is aimed to enhance the information exchange among the three countries and urge them to learn from each other to improve their individual nuclear regulatory capability. He also stressed that in the future this SOM will be further highlighted in all aspects to have complementary advantages.


The topics covered the latest situation introduction of the all the three countries’ nuclear safety regulation work, the development and training of the professional nuclear talents and the on-line information sharing as well as the emergency response. In addition, China and Japan reported the situation of the emergency drills and observational visits in the previous time and meanwhile South Korea introduce its plan for the next observation learning scheduled in 2017.


Initially set up in 2008, the Senior Officials Meeting of Nuclear Safety Regulation between China, Korea and Japan was considered as a policy sharing mechanism to help improve the nuclear safety regulatory capabilities of each country. It requires the Nuclear-related senior officials to attend and organize the meeting alternatively in each country. Next one will take place in Japan in 2017.


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