Nuclear sector crisis: chronicle of an announced adjustment

Nuclear sector crisis: chronicle of an announced adjustment

After the suspension of the agreement between Argentina and China for the construction of a fourth nuclear power plant in the country, a new question is opened for nuclear activity. What are the scope of the new crisis?

The nuclear sector in Argentina is one of the sectors that most stand out regionally for the production of technological scientific milestones in the country but also as a reference for the production of knowledge and technology for other countries.

The budget of Science and Technology bodies has been a topic of discussion since the end of last year, where already with a hearing in Congress with deputies from different sides.

In the case of the CNEA, it was highlighted that the budget was reduced by 30 percent for highly relevant activities such as the public cancer treatment centers where the institution collaborates, not to mention the rest of the activities. This has already led to the paralysis of some sectors because of the lack of funds to operate.

The most critical situation today is that of the workers of the PIAP ( Industrial Heavy Water Plant ), also supplier of the nuclear power plants, where their workers are in conflict and begin to coordinate with the rest of the sectors in struggle of the province of Neuquén.

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