A nuclear power plant in Kuwait?

A nuclear power plant in Kuwait?

Russian Energy Minister “Alexander Novak” announced on Monday January 22 2018, that Russian-Kuwaiti negotiations are under way to construct a nuclear power plant in Kuwait by Rosatom.

“We have a number of promising fields of cooperation, including nuclear energy, where our Kuwaiti partners are planning to build a nuclear power plant to generate electricity in their country. Negotiations are continuing now and Rosatom has been involved the process,” Russian Minister stated in a television interview.

In 2010, the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding to promote cooperation in the fields of peaceful use of nuclear energy, and Russia showed its readiness to help Kuwait develop its nuclear energy program, explore and produce uranium and train its technical personnel.

Rosatom, a Russian governmental institution specialized in the fields of nuclear energy and directed by Alexey Likhachev, signed an agreement with Egypt in 2015 to establish the first nuclear power plant to generate electricity in “Al-Dabaa” district in ​​northern Egypt. Four reactors with a capacity of 1200 megawatts will generate 4800 MW in total, which will significantly contribute to fulfill Egypt’s growing electricity needs and will provide the energy needed to feed planned development projects.

Rosatom is also participating in the establishment of several nuclear power plants in several countries, such as Turkey, China, Belarus, Hungary, Bangladesh, Iran, Sudan, Finland and India. While still being in negotiations process to win the Saudi Arabia’s contract for building the Kingdom’s first nuclear power plant.

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