Nuclear Power framework signed in Saudi Arabia

Nuclear Power framework signed in Saudi Arabia


  • Release Date: May 31, 2017

On 30th May 2017, Saudi Arabia signed its first Country Program Framework (CPF) for the period between 2017-2021 with the IAEA.


The representatives of both sides, Mr. Maher Alodan from King  Saudi and Mr. Dazhu Yang, Deputy General Director of IAEA and Head off Technical Cooperation Department, representing the agency, participated in the signing ceremony.


The CPF is considered as a milestone between Member Country and the IAEA; highlighting the medium-term technical cooperation between the two parties and identifying the orientation of nuclear technology and technical cooperation resources with the aim to achieve national goals for the country.


There are 13 priorities in CPF Saudi 2017-2021:

  1. Nuclear Energy, Planning and Implementation
  2. Regulatory Infrastructure for Radiation and Nuclear Safety
  3. Research Reactor
  4. Nuclear Security and Safeguards
  5. Uranium exploration and investment
  6. Radioactive Waste Management
  7. Water Resource Management and desalination
  8. Environmental Monitoring
  9. Human Health
  10. Emergency Preparedness and Response
  11. Radioisotopes Applications and Utilization in Food and Agriculture and Industrial Applications
  12. Human Resources Development for various nuclear applications
  13. Value Chains and Industrial Relations

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