Nuclear Power Corporation of India audited Petrozavodskmash

Nuclear Power Corporation of India audited Petrozavodskmash

During an audit on Petrozavodsk site, representatives of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) validated the manufacturing capabilities for the reactor key equipment in Units 5 and 6 of Kudankulam NPP. The NPCIL commission assessed the efficiency of the quality management system, the control procedures, and the tests in the manufacture of the reactor equipment.

NPCIL experts evaluated the work of the machining centers, the welding and surfacing complexes. At various stages of processing and assembly, Petrozavodsk management presented to the auditors the joints of the main circulation pipeline, the main circulation pump housings, the pressure compensators, the steam generator collectors, the tanks for the emergency zone cooling system and the passive core system.

As part of the audit, Indian specialists made sure that the enterprise fully complied with NPCIL requirements for the manufacture of equipment for nuclear power plants and decided to approve the Petrozavodsk branch of AEM Technologies JSC as a manufacturer of core equipment positions for power units No. 5 and No. 6 of nuclear power plants Kudankulam.

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