Nuclear Medicine in Jordan

Nuclear Medicine in Jordan


  • Release Date: May 18, 2017

With the increasing rate of cancer cases in Jordan, King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) provides the latest nuclear medicine technology for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The center is supported by the IAEA.


Treatment with Radiation technology includes disciplines on cancer treatment through nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, and radiation medicine. In addition, it is vital to train the medical personnel and here is the important role of the IAEA.


The (KHCC) makes efforts and organizes initiatives and workshops with the aim of combatting cancer. It sheds light on several points, such as:

-Early diagnosis plays a huge role in curing cancer, especially in societies that consider cancer a taboo.

-preparing the medical personnel educationally through providing workshops and medical and non-medical courses presented by professionals from Jordan and the region. These workshops assure the safety of the patient and the worker during nuclear diagnosis or radiology.

-The (KHCC) signed a number of agreements with the IAEA. These agreements allow the IAEA to support the center technically and technologically. One of the agreements is “2015 Practical Arrangements” that includes professional training on nuclear medicine, organizing meeting and works on nuclear medical uses, and providing the necessary knowledge and developing nuclear medicine.

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