Nuclear integrates the Turkish shipbuilding industry

Nuclear integrates the Turkish shipbuilding industry


  • Release Date: April 06, 2017

During the nuclear power plant summit in Istanbul, two military contractors introduced their “potential” nuclear capabilities: STM (Cybersecurity) and Aselsan (Physical Security).

Turkey’s growing nuclear energy investments offer significant opportunities and job opportunities for the military contractors, in particular to the shipbuilding industry.

As per example, in other markets, the naval industry is deeply involved either for mechanical, electrical, service parts in the nuclear sector, such as  Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (China), DCNS (France), ThyssenKrupp (Germany), Rolls Royce (UK) United Shipbuilding Corporation (Russia), Navantia (Spain).

The nuclear power plant construction requires special certifications and licenses and expensive processes. The ship industrialists have similar certifications to these certifications.

The most important element in nuclear power plants is that the reactor is kept in a sealed structure designed to withstand the emission of radioactive elements in case of a serious accident. It usually consists of gas-tight steel supports. Welding of these steel reinforcements requires a few kilos of welding seam which must be of high quality. This special work resembles shipbuilding and companies operating in this area are preferred.

Koray Tuncer, President of the International Nuclear Power Summit Organization Committee, emphasized that high-tech shipbuilding industry players can take part in the supply chain of the international nuclear industry companies and that important opportunities are waiting for shipbuilders in the 42 billion US Dollars nuclear power plant market of Turkey (60 Billion US Dollars with the third plant).

Companies such as Sedef Shipbuilding, STM, Aselsan, and other members of the SASAD will have a role to play in this market.

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