Nuclear Heating program lands in Baotou China

Nuclear Heating program lands in Baotou China

On March 21, Tsinghua Solar, a subsidiary of Enlightenment Clean Energy Group*, signed the “Cooperative Development Agreement for Nuclear Energy Heating and Nuclear Technology Application Projects in Baotou City” with the Management Committee of Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, located in Inner Mongolia. At the same time, Tsinghua Solar and CNNC Northern Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. signed “Intention Letter of Cooperation for Pool Type Low-Temperature Heating Reactor Project”.

Tsinghua Solar. has more than 20 patents for low-temperature pool heating reactor technology, and has the practice and experience of conducting nuclear heating preliminary work. Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park has a realistic demand for clean energy heating. In the park, CNNC Northern Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. (202 Plant) has abundant fuel supply and related scientific and technological support and talent reserve in nuclear-driven pool heating. It is the most preferred enterprise locally for the whole autonomous region to carry out pool-type nuclear energy heating.

The signing of this framework agreement will give full play to the advantages of all parties in the market, talents and technology, jointly developing the pool-type low-temperature heating reactor project, promoting the establishment of Baotou Nuclear Energy Heating Project Company, and realizing the application of nuclear energy heating engineering and developing Baotou Nuclear Technology Application Industrial Park project as needed.


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