Nuclear energy reaches generation record in Brazil

Nuclear energy reaches generation record in Brazil

Eletronuclear informed on January 15th that Angra nuclear power plant had the best year in its history in 2019, reaching a total generation of 16,128,826 MWh. As a comparison, the volume produced would be sufficient to meet, with a surplus, the consumption of a state the size of Pernambuco or Goiás. Thus, the Brazilian nuclear plants reached the accumulated production of 306.7 million MWh.

The result pointed out the company, in a statement, derives from the performance of each unit. Angra 1 broke its production record, generating 5,546,164 MWh. Besides, it closed the year with a capacity factor of 98.21%, the largest of Brazilian plants, taking into account all generation sources.

Angra 2 also had a considerable performance, generating 10,582,662 MWh, its 8th best mark, in addition to operating with a capacity factor of 89.38%, second only to Angra 1 in this regard, even though it stopped for about a month for refueling fuel.

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