Nuclear cooperation conference between South Korea and the UAE

Nuclear cooperation conference between South Korea and the UAE

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the holding of a videoconference with the United Arab Emirates, on May 12th; to check the progress of nuclear energy cooperation and discuss future plans for nuclear cooperation.

The virtual meeting was chaired by the representative of the diplomatic planning for nuclear non-proliferation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Park Il” and CEO of Baraka I Company Nasser Al-Naseri, as representatives of both sides.

During the conference, the two sides agreed to hold the third High-level Korean-Emirati Council for cooperation in the field of nuclear energy in South Korea at an appropriate time this year. They also agreed to implement the agreements of the three working groups of the High-level Council.

The Foreign Ministry commented that this “virtual” meeting provided an opportunity to review the foundations of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, which is considered the essence of the special strategic partnership between the two countries, with the aim of enhancing it and ensuring its continuity despite the spread of the novel Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

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