Nuclear cooperation between Morocco and Rwanda

Nuclear cooperation between Morocco and Rwanda

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA), and Moroccan Agency for Nuclear and Radiological Safety and Security have signed a cooperation agreement to exchange information and experience in nuclear technology.

The agreement signed between the two countries on May 9th aims at managing radiological and nuclear emergencies, as well as building capacity in nuclear.

In a press statement, the Director General of the Rwandan Agency said that his country aspires to use nuclear technology mainly in the fields of mining, agriculture, and health, stressing that his country wants to benefit from the experience of Morocco in this area.

“We have to share information and experience in the field of nuclear radiation and help build capacity because it is very important to strengthen regional cooperation among African countries in this sector,” said Khammar Mrabit, Director General of the Moroccan Agency.

Mrabit explained that 80 percent of medical applications in Morocco use technology, adding that there are 24 centers for nuclear medicine. “More than 15 percent of industries and security sectors use nuclear technology and 5 percent of research and development,” he said.

Mrabit also said that Morocco is ready to provide training to Rwandan experts as well as to facilitate scientific visits to nuclear facilities.

Patrick Nyirishema, Director General of RURA, said that the Memorandum of Understanding with the Moroccan Agency was timely; as Rwanda had taken steps to adopt nuclear technology. He explained that a law was enacted in 2018 and all future actions require expert interventions.

Jean de Dieu Tuyisenge, director of Radiation Safety Regulation at RURA, said that after drafting the law and drafting regulations and codes of practice, Rwanda still has to ratify seven agreements on nuclear technology.

He said that Rwanda is seeking to establish a nuclear research center with nuclear reactors to develop technology for various sectors such as agriculture, electricity generation, and others.

Rwanda is in talks with the Russian nuclear power company (Rosatom) to establish the center as soon as possible. Cooperation between Rwanda and Russia can also be fruitful with establishing study programs that will help Rwandans acquire advanced knowledge in nuclear science.

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