Nuclear concrete made in Kuwait

Nuclear concrete made in Kuwait


  • Release Date: October 24, 2016

The Kuwaiti inventor Issa Abdulrahman Al-Nasrallah presented to the 22nd GCC youth science forum a project for cementing walls of nuclear reactors and plans to export this as a patent of nuclear concrete made in Kuwait.

Al-Nasrallh indicated that his project is centered on impact of radiation, nuclear wise, and on components of metals. The Kuwaiti project is fundamentally based on the process in which matter transforms into plasma under extreme pressure and heat.
Scientists have been exerting tremendous efforts to use materials that can withstand extreme conditions for at least five years.
The Kuwaiti nuclear engineer has been working on this project since he was a university student, when he presented a study on radioactive impact on metal sheets.
About the GCC Youth Science Forum:

The forum opened with a delegation from the Scientific Center of Kuwait taking part. The seven-day event provides a networking opportunity for talented youth from the six members of the GCC and aims to foster their scientific skills.

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