Nuclear agreement between Harbin University and CNPE

Nuclear agreement between Harbin University and CNPE

Recently, the signing ceremony of a scientific research cooperation agreement and the unveiling ceremony of joint laboratory between Harbin Engineering University and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. was held in Harbin Engineering University, located in the northeast of China. Li Dingcheng, deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), attended the ceremony and unveiled the ceremony. Zhang Zhijian, vice president of HEU, met with visitors from CNPE and CNNC.

Zhang Zhijian and CNPE general manager Liu Wei signed the “Scientific Cooperation Agreement on Advanced Nuclear Energy Technology”. Based on previous cooperation, two parties will extend cooperation in intelligent fault diagnosis and health management and big data application in nuclear power plants.

Zhang Zhijian and Li Dingcheng jointly unveiled the Joint Laboratory of Safety and Thermal Engineering. The laboratory is established on the basis of joint research and development, aiming to further deepen and expand relevant researches.

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