No nuclear in Taiwan by 2025: what problems Taiwan will see?

No nuclear in Taiwan by 2025: what problems Taiwan will see?


  • Release Date: January 13, 2017

Taiwan Legislative Institution recently released documents to confirm that all the nuclear power equipments shall shut down by the end of 2025 in order to achieve the goal of “2025 non-nuclear garden”.

Currently there are totally 3 nuclear power plants in operation in Taiwan, the generating capacity of which accounts for around 14% of Taiwan’s total electricity production. In order to repair the “gap” of the nuclear power, Taiwan will encourage the “green electricity” by giving priority in such aspects as the electricity charge, power dispatching and direct sales, and at the same time it will invest more efforts to develop the green power generating industry and the electricity-vending system.

According to the legal documents of Taiwan, in future it will take the solar energy and the wind power generation as the backbone of its renewable energy industry, and try to increase the proportion of the generating capacity from the currently 4% to 20% in 2025.

However, some critics sharply point that it is almost impossible to reach the goal within just 9 years that having the “green power” completely substitute the nuclear power, because the present supporting policy cannot attract too much of the attention of the renewable energy business owners.

An industry insider revealed to the Media that in future all the negative consequences caused by these energy policies, including the unstable power supply, the electricity price rise and the increase of the carbon emission,  will fall upon the Taiwan people.

The “United Daily News” states that Taiwan will have a tough road to go when it would like to decommission its nuclear power, and on the other hand wants to maintain the electricity costs low and the power supply steady. Even if the resident electricity price keep the same as before, it will definitely lead to a much higher price for the high voltage users as well as the big electricity consumers.

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