No budget at CNEA

No budget at CNEA

Every year the organism opens an inscription so that the graduates of the institutes can join as interns. The objective is to capitalize the resources allocated to their training, but this year there was still no income.

In March 2016, the then-new undersecretary of Nuclear Energy, Julián Gadano, assured in a talk with CNEA workers that the official intention was to continue with the nuclear expansion plan. Gadano defined the Argentine nuclear system as the” most sophisticated technological cluster in the country “. He even stressed that the CNEA was going to dedicate itself to innovation tasks, leaving the development applied to other actors.

The National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA) every year opens an inscription so that the graduates of the institutes Jorge Sábato, Balseiro and Dan Beninson can be incorporated as scholarship to the organism. The objective is to capitalize the resources that were allocated to the training. However, in March of this year cuts were announced in the number of entrants and the call was not even made yet, which led to a formal complaint from the graduates. The delay is part of a policy of generalized de-financing of the nuclear sector, which includes the brake on the construction of Atucha III, dismissals in Nucleoeléctrica and Dioxitek.

The historical criterion of the institution was altered and more than half of the graduates of the CNEA training institutes were left without a scholarship, but not even the 45 graduates who selected for the scholarships are incorporated.

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