Ningde NPP impact on the environment

Ningde NPP impact on the environment


  • Release Date: December 01, 2016

It is estimated that every 4 Mw of electricity generated by nuclear power equals to the consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal.
Compared with hydropower, wind power and other renewable energy sources, nuclear power keeps the edge on power output, efficiency and coal substitution.
1 Mw of electricity generated by a nuclear plant equals to 2 Mw from hydropower, 3.5 Mw from Wind power, and 4.7 Mw of photovoltaic.

Ningde power plant in Fujian Province is an example of how China is reducing the carbon emission.
Ningde plant has three units, and compared with the conventional power (coal fire) the electricity generated will:
• Reduce the annual consumption of 7.8 Million tons of coal,
• Reduce the carbon dioxide emission by 19 Million tons
• Reduce sulfur dioxide emission by 180,000 tons
• Reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 120,000 tons.

This benefit to the environment equals to a forest of 51,000 hectares.


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