New solar energy project in Kuwait

New solar energy project in Kuwait

A new solar energy project in Kuwait has been launched as a step towards more sustainable energy production. The project is located in Primary Education Colleges Complex in Al Arthiyah, Kuwait. The project consists of installed solar energy power plants, which are distributed over 25 buildings’ rooftops. It produces 2 MW of solar energy and covers 20% of the complex’s demand of energy.

Dr. Ahmed Al Athri, Director General of the Applied Education Public Association, said that the project is useful for different benefits, which are: it will reduce power generation from the Ministry of Electricity’s electric-net, it will reduce power consumption which will reduce CO2 emissions annually, and it will be a valuable source of knowledge for students as a lab for academic use.

The project was executed by the Arab Bureau for Design and Engineering Consultancies. The company carried out all the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Electricity, the design and installation of the project, and the required repair in the electric-net to connect the solar energy power plants with the public electric-net. The company executed the project over an area of 40 thousand M2 of rooftops and the project was done by qualified designers and engineers with long experience in the field.

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