A new power plant needed in Bahrain

A new power plant needed in Bahrain


  • Release Date: August 17, 2017

Bahrain needs to provide electricity for the expansion of Bahrain International Airport as well as the area surrounding it.

Dr. Abdulhusain bin Ali Mirza, the Bahraini Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs, inaugurated the 220 KV Airport Power Plant accompanied by Sheikh Nawwaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the President of the Electricity and Power Association, and other members from the association.

This strategic project will fulfill the industrial, developmental, commercial, and urbanization expansion in Bahrain. It also will be used to attract foreign investment to be involved in Bahrain.


The power plant was executed by members from the Bahraini Electricity and Water Association in cooperation with other international companies in a year. It costed about 45 Million USD. International companies supplied and procured equipment to the project, including:


– ABB, Switzerland, (cutters and keys);

– HHI, Korea, (electrical transformers);

– LS, Korea , (220 KV electrical cables);

– Saudi Cables, Saudi Arabia, (66 KV electrical cables);

– SHABO, Bahrain, (civil work);

– Alkomed, Bahrain, (Installation of electrical cables);

– ESB International (Ireland) (Project management).


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