A new-old love story

A new-old love story

On January 9, 2018, at the Great Hall of the People, witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Macron who visited China for the first time, chairman of CNNC Mr. Wang Shoujun signed a memorandum of understanding with New Areva Group and a global strategic cooperation agreement with French Framatome (Framatome was the former name of Areva). The signing of these two documents is a concrete measure for implementing the “Joint Declaration on Deepening Civilian Nuclear Energy Cooperation between China and France” and will open a new era of nuclear energy cooperation between China and France.


Prior to the signing ceremony, Xi Jinping and Macron jointly met with representatives of entrepreneurs from both countries who attend the founding ceremony of the Sino-French Entrepreneurs Committee, and Wang Shoujun also attended the inaugural meeting of the Sino-French Entrepreneurs Committee and made a statement.


President Macron has been closely watching the cooperation between China and France in nuclear energy. On the 28th of June 2016, at the 2nd World Nuclear Industry Exhibition held in Paris, France, Macron, then French Minister of Economy, visited CNNC’s booth and expressed his full support for the cooperation between CNNC and French nuclear power enterprises.

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