New initiative in Changjiang nuclear project!

New initiative in Changjiang nuclear project!

New development! On July 9, Hainan Changjiang County Party Secretary Huang Jincheng met with Gu Jun, general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation. They exchanged views on the pre-examination of land and land acquisition related issues for Changjiang small modular reactor project, and agreed to jointly promote the project construction. The county magistrate of Changjiang Lin Moxie attended the meeting.

Huang Jincheng put forward an advanced initiative,that is incorporate the Changjiang small reactor project with industrial tourism to build the project into an industrial park, thus to accelerate the booming of Changjiang industrial tourism and SMR progress.

Lin said that Changjiang Phase II project and the small reactor project are of great significance to the future development of Changjiang. Changjiang is very much looking forward to and supporting the construction of the nuclear power project, and is fully committed to the service work. He expressed his hope that CNNC will invest the funds as soon as possible and let the project start as soon as possible.

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