NEA approves Hualong, what about the cash?

NEA approves Hualong, what about the cash?

On August 10, according to a CGN spokesman, the National Energy Administration (NEA) has approved “Hualong No.1  technology Integration Program.” submitted by Hualong International Nuclear Power Technology Co., Ltd.  It also means that China’s other projects planning to use Hualong No.1 a step closer to the goal of state-approved construction. On the same day, the CNNC convened the Mobilization Conference, and the world’s first reactor of AP1000 is about to start the fuel loading.

AP1000 and Hualong No.1 are the mainstream of the Gen-III nuclear power technology. Since the two mainstream technologies have made significant progress in the industry, there are optimistic forecasts in the domestic, saying that  it is expected to usher in new units construction climax.

According to the news, NEA pointed out that “Hualong No.1″ should have complete independent intellectual property rights, wholly adopt 177 fuel assemblies, and use unified main parameters, main system, technical standards and technical requirements of major equipment. The security system uses “active plus passive” design. Regarding the specific configuration, it can consider the market needs, and provides two kinds of options. Two options shall meet the latest safety standards with perfect serious accident prevention and mitigation measures.

The second half year in the nuclear power industry is expected to guide in a transition with the nuclear equipment market average investment of 50 billion yuan/year (7.6 Billion USD) . In order to complete the 2020 nuclear power plant policy target, 88 GW, in the next 4 years China will have to start about 30 units,  and the total equipment investment could reach more than 200 billion yuan (30,35 Billion USD).

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