Nawah Energy Company first standards for the operations of Barakah

On October 12th, Nawah Energy Company, a subsidiary of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), announced the publication of the first standards for the operations of nuclearplants and facilities in English.

This is part of Nawah’s commitment to the culture of nuclear safety and security and global best practices. It will play an important role in the communication among the company’s employees, who come from 40 different nationalities.

Mark Reddemann, Chief Executive Officer of Nawah Energy, declared: “All employees in the company will achieve the highest level of communication on safety practices as part of the preparations for the operation of Barakah, the first nuclear power plant in the Arab world”.

Nawah Energy is currently focusing on the integration of the personnel overseeing fuel loading operations and the operation of the first nuclear plant in the Barakah nuclear power plant project, including Operation & Maintenance, and emergency response.

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