National Energy Commission of Chile launches new portal “Energy Developers”

National Energy Commission of Chile launches new portal “Energy Developers”

The Executive Secretary of the National Energy Commission, José Venegas, announced early September a new web platform, called “Energy Developers” , the first APIs portal (Application Programming Interfaces) open to the energy sector, which aims to streamline the development of new digital services (mobile applications, visualizations, data analysis, etc.), aimed at the community of software developers, whether they are startup or organizations in the sector private or public energy

The future users of this platform to register will find a testing portal to develop the best possible solution to improve their existing products and accelerate their innovation initiatives, which will allow to promote the creation of a community of developers around statistical data and systems of information on the national energy sector, which could result in new digital solutions for the challenges of the energy industry.

For example, a user who wants to create an app, can implement it with data from the energy sector, such as: marginal costs, generation of NCRE, prices of gasoline, imports of hydrocarbons, among others, simply by entering the codes of the APIs that deliver the CNE and making a single call to the function. In this way, you will have this information operative in your application without having to program everything from scratch.

This initiative and others that we will soon announce will help to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of the energy sector, offering a new means for diverse organizations to positively impact the value chain of their customers, access new digital ecosystems, and make them more efficient and instantaneous.

After this first implementation, a second stage will be developed to document the results, lessons learned, challenges and impacts that will be fundamental to consolidate the project and make it available to other public or private organizations in the energy sector that want to be part of this innovation.

“We invite you to know this new portal, keep adding APIs that are relevant and have a positive impact on the sector and your community. This is how we call all the developers who have a good idea, to build it so that they come to present it: The doors of the CNE are open, “added Venegas.

To access the platform, click here

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