How much? — China’s nuclear market by 2020

How much? — China’s nuclear market by 2020


  • Release Date: January 19, 2017

Recently the “Energy Development–<13th Five-year Plan> issued by the NDRC and the National Energy Administration announced that China will build a batch of the progressive Gen-III EPR nuclear projects in the coastal areas and at the same time to start the construction of CAP1400 demonstration project within the latest five years.

CAP1400 and the “Hualong No.1” are defined as the indigenously-developed 1000MW-class third generation nuclear technology. In order to achieve the goal of 5800MW installed capacity in operation and 3000MW in construction by 2020, China will have to newly build 6—8 units each year, which signifies that in future China’s nuclear market will have a potential market volume worth 100billion yuan.

What’s more, the rapid development of the nuclear market also brings a much broader market for the spent fuel reprocessing. Therefore, China emphasizes in the Plan that it will speed up the process of demonstrating and constructing the large-scale commercial spent fuel reprocessing plants. It is predicated that by 2020 China will accumulatively generate 7900 ton spent fuel, and the market of the spent fuel reprocessing will worth almost 52.5billion yuan.

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