Morocco plans to do dominate Africa’s energy market

Morocco plans to do dominate Africa’s energy market


  • Release Date: June 10, 2017

As Africa is facing challenges in the energy sector and infrastructure issues, Morocco is ready to become a main partner to all African countries.


The Moroccan experience in the energy sector was widely discussed during the 2017 African Energy Forum, which was held in Denmark. The forum showed that while several African countries are struggling with their energy and infrastructure sector, Morocco has been an active main partner in Africa in this area.


A Moroccan delegation led by the General Secretary of the Energy Ministry, Mr. Abdulraheem Al Hafzi attended the forum, and met with several foreign and African stakeholders who are interested in the return of experience from the Moroccan energy sector.


Mr. Al Hafzi said that: “many international companies have shown great interest to contribute in the biggest projects that are in the Moroccan agenda between 2017-2030, its investments reaches about 42 Billion USD, 30 Billions will go to renewable energy.”


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