Morocco begins exporting electricity to Spain

Morocco begins exporting electricity to Spain

The thermal power plant in the city of Safi has started to export electricity abroad, where Spain has revealed that it began to purchase electricity generated from the plant since last November.

Morocco’s electricity exports to Spain are part of the new Spanish government’s plan to adopt the energy transition plan, which aims to end electricity generation from coal (CO2). Spain has already closed a number of thermal power plants that produced energy using carbon.

The fees imposed on carbon dioxide emissions of EU member countries, aimed at reducing pollution and improving the climate, have contributed to accelerating the Spanish approach to Moroccan energy. Although electricity imported from Morocco is also produced from coal, but production costs in the Kingdom of Morocco are lower than in Spain.

Safi Power Plant has cost an investment worth $ 2.6 billion US and started the constructions in 2014. Joint investments have been signed by a consortium of multinational companies including: International Power of Britain, the Moroccan Nareva Holding, (EDF) from France, and China’s China Datang Corporation (CDT). The project was entrusted to the Moroccan company SAFIEC.

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