Morocco and China to co-develop a $300 million hydropower project

Morocco and China to co-develop a $300 million hydropower project

On July 10th, “Platinum Power” of Morocco and Chinese “CFHEC” signed a partnership agreement on a 108 MW hydroelectric project with a value of $ 300 million.

The purpose of the partnership agreement between the Chinese and Moroccan groups is to finance, construct and develop the hydropower plant in central Morocco. This is an enhancement of the Chinese company’s capabilities and pursuit of becoming a major player in the renewable energy sector in the African continent.

The Moroccan company Platinum Power is a Moroccan-based company owned by the US investment fund Brookstone Partners, which specializes in the development, financing, and construction of renewable energy projects. The company is involved in the development of hydroelectric power projects in Morocco with 325 MW, 365 MW in Cameroon and 300 MW in Côte d’Ivoire.

CFHEC is an EPC company owned by China’s CCCC. Based in Beijing. It has already participated in “Tangier Tech” project.

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