Mongolian Energy Regulatory Commission visit CNI22

Mongolian Energy Regulatory Commission visit CNI22

On September 26th, the Chairman of Mongolian Energy Regulatory Commission, Alamalek Treham, communicated with China Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Co., Ltd on issues related to the Baganuur Power Station project. Liu Jiqing, deputy general manager of CNI22 attended the meeting. Deng Minmin, deputy general manager of International Engineering Business Unit of CNI22 chaired the meeting.

During the meeting, Treham introduced the main functions and powers of the Energy Regulatory Commission and the current development of the power industry in Mongolia. He stressed that the Baganuur Power Station project is a key project of the Mongolian government, which enjoys full support from the State. He hopes that both China and Mongolia would accelerate the progress of the Baganuur Power Station project.

On behalf of CNI22, Liu Jiqing said that the company is willing to continue to play its own advantages and actively participate in the construction of Mongolia’s energy, power, infrastructure and other fields. It is expected that China and Mongolia will continue to promote friendly cooperation and make more progress in promoting China-Mongolia mutual benefit in energy field.

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