Minister of Science and Technology of Nigeria visits the Aenta

Minister of Science and Technology of Nigeria visits the Aenta

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, Minister of Science and Technology of Nigeria, visited the headquarters of the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency (Aenta) early September.

Dr. Onu was accompanied by Mr. Seido Onailo Mohammed, General Director of the National Space Research Agency and the Nigerian Ambassador to Cuba, Habu Abubakar Gwani Ibrahim.

Dr. Iván Padrón Díaz, Director of the Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (Ceaden) and acting president of the Aenta, as well as other directors of the institution and the Directorate of International Relations of the Ministry of Science, were present at the Aenta. The visit of Dr. Onu marks the beginning of cooperation between both countries on science and technology that includes biotechnology, nanotechnology, nuclear energy and space research.

The Minister said that, like Cuba, Nigeria believes that it is necessary “to move from an economy of resources to a knowledge economy” and that this collaboration can be very beneficial for both.

Dr. Padrón gave a presentation on the main activities developed by the Aenta in nuclear applications and technologies such as lasers, renewable energies and studies on the impact of climate change.

Source: Communication Group of the Aenta

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