Meeting SNPTC-WANO for Haiyang NPP

Meeting SNPTC-WANO for Haiyang NPP

On March 23rd, Wang Fengxue, General Manager of StateNuclear Power TechnologyCo., Ltd (SNPTC), and Wu Fang, Deputy General Manager, met with Russell Brian, Director of the Atlanta Center of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

Wang Fengxue introduced the status of the current nuclear power business and discussed the technical support and membership services provided by the WANO Atlanta Center. The two sides reviewed the cooperation activities of National Nuclear Power since joining WANO’s Atlanta Center, and the nuclear power peer review (CPR) that will be conducted by SNPTC and the peer review (PSUR) work of the Haiyang project.

Russell Brian concluded that the WANO Atlanta Center will continue to fully mobilize resources to provide support and services for the safe operation and performance improvement of nuclear power plants under SNPTC.

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