Meeting KA CARE and KINS

Meeting KA CARE and KINS


  • Release Date: May 13, 2017

The vice president of King Abdullah city for atomic and renewable energy (KA CARE), Dr. Walid bin Hussein Abu Faraj visited the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS) where he met Mr. Moo-hwan Kim, the new president of the Institute. Both parts discussed cooperation in the field of nuclear safety, also discussed the latest updates of the joint venture between the “KA CARE” and the Korean research center, as the two sides are working on the development of the System-integrated Modular Advanced ReacTor (SMART) to build two units. SMART reactor will produce electricity and be used for water desalination.

This project is one of KA CARE initiatives in the national transformation program. It has been approved last year to acquire, transfer and localize this technology to the Kingdom. Dr. Abu Faraj also met with Saudi engineers participating in the human capacity building program during this visit. He thanked them on behalf of KA CARE on the impressive and effective progress which they attained in the project as they completed 27% of engineering designs work and the completion of the first and second phase of the joint training program, which reflects the concern of the leadership to achieve the goals of KA CARE in the national transformation program 2020 and the Kingdom’s vision program 2030.

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