Maintenance contracts of $ 130 million in Kuwait

Maintenance contracts of $ 130 million in Kuwait

Kuwait’s Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water, Bakhit Al-Rashidi, signed a contract for the annual maintenance of mechanical equipment at the power and refinery plants in the “Al-Zour Southern” station for about 21 million dinars or about $ 69 million.

The Ministry of Electricity announced in a press statement that the contract includes periodic and core maintenance of mechanical equipment for the electrical units, refinery units and the assistance units at the “Al-Zour Southern” station.

The contract also includes the replacement of consumable equipment to ensure high performance flexibility for secure and stable operation of the units, which will necessarily result in stabilizing the country’s electricity grid.

That is in addition to the signing of a similar contract for the “Al-Sabiya” station, with a cost of about 18 million dinars or $ 60 million.

The maintenance work will be carried out within a maximum period of 60 months from the date of the signature.

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