Made in China: nuclear grade air ejector

Made in China: nuclear grade air ejector


  • Release Date: November 01, 2016

Xuanda Industrial Group, a mechanical equipment enterprise in China, announced that he has set up a joint R&D team with Shanghai Nuclear Engineering & Research Institute (SNERDI) and successfully developed the nuclear grade air ejector used in the main control room of CAP1400 project.

The research institute is estimated to invest more than 6 million RMB (1 Millions USD) for 1 year.

The president of Xuanda Mr. Ye Jixuan indicated that growing nuclear power is an irreversible trend in adjusting the energy structure in China. Many domestic equipment manufacturers are looking for the cooperation with Design or Research Institute in nuclear field in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

For example, since Xuanda turned its focus on the nuclear sectors, it has invested a lot in the R&D of nuclear technology, which exceeds 5% of its annual value of production. Besides, it will also establish a specific R&D facility aimed to strengthening its innovation capability in developing and manufacturing nuclear related equipments.

And another domestic equipment manufacturer-Shenjiang Valve Co. also joins hands with SNERDI to develop the nuclear fuel repair system. Its products even are exported to overseas Pakistan nuclear project.


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