Linglong No.1 reactor

Linglong No.1 reactor


  • Release Date: May 02, 2017

On the recent “12th China International Exhibition of Nuclear Power Industry” (Cienpi) held in Beijing, the CNNC showed its independent small reactor— “Linglong No. 1”, actually the former ACP100 technology based on the military nuclear power technology and the mature PWR technology. The name “Linglong No.1” has been registered trademark following “Hualong No.1” and released to the public for the first time in this exhibition.


In the press release, the Deputy General Manager of the CNNC New Energy Company stated that the R&D and design work of the “Linglong No.1” has been completed and now it is qualified for the engineering construction. Meanwhile, it is the first advanced small reactor technology which has passed the GRSR of IAEA in the globe.

“CNNC takes almost 4 years to conduct the R&D and design of “Linglong No.1, with the accumulated investment of 700 million yuan (102 Million USD)—470 million Chinese Yuan (70 Million USD) by CNNC while the other 230 million CNY (34 Million USD) by the government. ”he added.

CNNC expects to promote the export of “Linglong No.1” following the “Hualong No.1”. According to Mr. Chen, some countries have already proposed the cooperation with the CNNC, such as the Pakistan, Iran, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt and Canada.

Except for the CNNC, CGN is also developing its marine small reactor-ACPR50S and is expected to launch the pilot project in 2017 and generate power by 2020.

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