Linglong 1 SMR, from design to construction

Linglong 1 SMR, from design to construction

The preliminary design review of Hainan Changjiang SMR Demonstration Project–“Linglong No. 1” (ACP100) was completed, laying the foundation for the engineering application of modular small reactors.

The Hainan Changjiang “Linglong No.1” demonstration project was the first small reactor demonstration project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to carry out preliminary work (approved in May 2017). It is planned to build one ACP100 unit with a single reactor power of 125 MW.

China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.(CNPE) is the general contractor for this project. CNPE cooperated with Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC), and carries out preliminary design work for “Linglong No. 1”. It has now been transferred to the construction design stage.


CNNC established cooperation agreements with Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Indonesia and other countries on small reactors, and started negotiations with some countries. The “going out” policy of China’s nuclear power, nicknamed as “Double Long(dragon) to overseas” –autonomous third-generation technology “Linglong No. 1” and “Hualong No. 1”, is emerging.

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