Licensing and Inspection of Cyclotrons and PET Radiopharmaceutical Production in Peru

Licensing and Inspection of Cyclotrons and PET Radiopharmaceutical Production in Peru

From May 7, to May 11, 2018, a consultation under the Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership (RSRP) was conducted at the Peruvian National Institute of Energy (IPEN) in Lima, Peru for the National Technical Office Authority (OTAN). The mission was to provide information and guidance to the Peruvian Regulatory Authority (RA) with the objective of strengthening their regulation of Construction, Licensing and Inspection of Medical Cyclotrons, Positron Emission (PET) Tomography and PET Nuclear Material Radiopharmaceutical Production and Distribution.

The consultation was a component of the action plan for Peru that is included in the RSRP Master Plan for Latin American partners. In addition to the information exchange, two formal inspections that were conducted at operational cyclotron facilities were observed. The consultation resulted in providing the Peruvian regulatory authoriy a number of suggestions and recommendations to improve and further develop their regulatory program. Such consultancy was provided also in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

About the Radiation Sources Regulatory Partnership

RSRP is a USNRC funded program that assists member country partners to strengthen regulatory control over the use of radiation sources.

In 2010-16 the RSRP program expanded to countries of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

In Latin America the programs for inventory and development of national registry have been substantially completed in Paraguay, Guatemala, Uruguay and Panama and are in progress in Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Additional new inventory activities are contemplated in Ecuador.

In Africa, the inventory program is underway in Uganda, Zambia, Chad, Senegal and Mauritania.

Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to participate in the RSRP inventory project.

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