Libya is cooperating with Daewoo for a new power plant

Libya is cooperating with Daewoo for a new power plant

Libya’s General Electricity Company announced on Tuesday (March 26th) the signing of an agreement with South Korea’s Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company to build a new power plant in the West, which would ease electricity problems in the country.

A statement from the Libyan company mentioned that it had signed a memorandum of understanding to build a power plant in the western mountain region with Daewoo Engineering and Construction on March 20. The statement pointed out that the electrical station will be built in the western mountain in the city of Al Hawamed, about 200 km southwest of the capital Tripoli.

The power plant is expected to generate 900 MW of electricity. Under the new MoU with Daewoo Engineering and Construction, the plant will add a waste thermal Exchanger and 450 MW steam turbines to the current gas turbine generator.

Daewoo Engineering and Construction agreed on March 19th to re-establish the Al-Zwaitina Power Plant, which has been shut down since 2014 due to the war, according to the company’s statement.

Worth mentioning that most of the power plants in Libya suffer from technical problems, in addition to being destroyed in many cases.

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